Drain Brains, LLC
"An ounce of prevention..."

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Flat Rate Pricing Policy



Notice, this is written in BOLD, large font. Notice, there is no fine print.

"You don't like our service, you don't pay".

I am not sure of an easier way to put this. As a customer, you must wonder how can a business afford a guarantee like this? The answer is, in over 4 years, only two people (both of whom were scammers - but we still honored it anyway), have taken us up on this offer. I can not think of anything more defining then the above, as a testimony to how our customers love us!

Just in case you did not understand the guarantee, I am posting it again. It's not too hard of a concept. Really, it's quite simple. So simple, makes you wonder why we're the only ones offering this, without a million little footnotes and disclaimers.

"You don't like our service, you don't pay".