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Flat Rate Pricing Policy

Flat Rate Pricing

Aside from our fantastic service, our customers love our flat rate pricing policy. It works like this - if you call about one of our advertised specials, you get that price and you get exactly the work you have been promised.

If you call for emergency or repair work, you are quoted a firm, fixed price over the phone. We normally ask quite a few questions (and during this process, lots of times we wind giving you tips to fix the problem for free if possible). We give you a firm, fixed price. We stick to the price. If, in the extremely rare instance where the scope of the job was not defined properly BEFORE doing any work, we advise the customer. Don't be suprised if we tell you, yes you described the job inaccurately, and the price is LESS then we quoted on the phone.

You will find out that some of the competition does "flat rate pricing". Often it is more like "flat RAPE pricing". You are told they can not quote a price over the phone (isn't that ridiculous - folks what we do is NOT rocket science! If you are in business, and as long as it is not your first few months, you know darn well how much you are going to charge the customer). The customer takes off work, schedules the "free estimate" and the company comes over, and quotes a HUGE price. Well the customer has already taken off half a day of work, and they wind up not wanting to waste more time scheduling more estimates, so they agree to the higher price.

At Drain Brains, we wouldn't treat our grandparents, parents, or family that way, so we don't treat our customers that way either. You get the price over the phone, you get a fair price, and you get a wonderful job, from nice people. It's an experience our customers love, and one that we're proud of!!