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Brien Dickson,

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if you were looking for General Wire and Spring (which by the way, I truly believe makes the best drain cleaning cable in the business) the link is www.drainbrain.com (we are Drain Brains - their web site is singular). general wire

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A dirty little secret exists in the drain cleaning and plumbing industry. Many, many "professionals" who work on clogs, to speed up a job, use caustic acids and lyes. Although at times these products win the battle by relieving the clog, the customer loses the war. The acids are harmful for your family, harmful for your plumbing system, and destructive to the environment.

Drain Brains, LLC was founded with a holistic philosophy. This may sound slightly out of place, when talking about plumbing, but in actuality it is very appropriate. Our plumbing systems operate similar to our body functions. Proper preventative maintenance, very similar to preventative health, goes a long way in avoiding catastrophes. At Drain Brains, it is our belief that most drain and plumbing "emergencies" can be avoided with routine maintenance. It is always much cheaper for the customer, and certainly less stressful to have drains cleaned on a proactive basis, as opposed to an emergency basis.

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Not only are emergencies more expensive, they cause so much downtime to the customer. Given a choice, doesn't it make sense to schedule routine maintenance as opposed to losing a half day of work, having to deal with foul odors from an emergency backup, and having to rearrange your entire schedule to wait on someone? It seems we have such precious free time in today's society - why waste it, loosing a day of down time taking care of a drain backup. Rearranging your schedule for an emergency (as opposed to having scheduled maintenance at YOUR convenience), can be more stressful then the damage from a backup! Many, many of your direct neighbors have realized Drain Brains offers viable alternatives.

We do have several products to use after a drain cleaning. These are for long term maintenance, and are non-toxic, natural, safe for your family and safe for the environment. They are reasonably priced, and the distributorships are only awarded to the select few in the plumbing industry, who are cognizant of environmental issues.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have never done anything that is damaging to your home's health (like putting caustic chemicals in a pipe), your family or the environment. We love to educate our customers, and our customers really appreciate us. Instead of spending our resources on huge yellow page ads, we pass the cost savings on to our customers. Most of our business is referral driven. Our customers stick with us for life!! While you have your mind on it, give us a call now to schedule!

As long as you have read this far, I would like to encourage you to think about the other products you currently have in your home. Products such as floor cleaner, oven cleaner, detergents, even hair shampoo. We are on a personal mission, and have a personal passion for keeping our homes as GREEN and clean as possible. It really saddens me - we are in so many homes, where people have kids and pets, and they have these toxic products in daily use in their homes. You are likely not aware (I am, since my wife is an RN with e.r. experience in a major trauma hospital) that the number one cause of death in children is poisoning from everyday household products in the home. Since I have 3 kids and 2 dogs, and my partner has 3 kids (triplets actually), we really take this to heart.

I encourage you to request our free white paper, showing toxins in the home. On the subject line of your email, simply state White Paper Requested, and we will email you one promptly. Click here now for your free white paper




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